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Epsico solutions are available for home users as well as business owners. We can provide consulting services to get you up to speed on the latest hardware, software and buying strategies before you make big decisions you'll have to live with.

General consulting services (for home or business)

Are you a home user preparing to upgrade your PC? Or do you own a small business and need help deciding what kind of network to install? Either way, Epsico can help.

We use experience and expertise to guide you through the process of selecting the right systems, software and strategies to accomplish your computer-related goals.

Before you buy, give us a call.

System services and network design (also for home or business)

Epsico also performs services that go beyond the consulting stage.

We can build custom PCs for your home or business that meet your needs without breaking the bank.

We can research, design, install and support Windows networks. With 30 years of experience and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer accreditation, you are assured a quality job. Most network installation work is performed after normal work hours in your place of business.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Click this link to contact us: Email 309.828.9901

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