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Twelve Workstaions, Internet connections, and video projector

Our training facility has been in operation since 2000 with 12 workstations, internet connectivity, and all of the basic training tools for educating the public about computers.

We have been delivering certification exams since 1999 and were one of the first VUE testing sites in the area. We have delivered hundreds of certification exams. Plus we have offered them at times other organizations are not available on weekends, evenings and by request. Certification exams are something we have continued to do as a public service at our own expense.

Lately, there has been a tremendous drop in training requests by the general public. Additionally, the demand for certification exams is also low. Keeping the office open is not profitable. Additionally, other sources of income used to support this venture are also experiencing difficult economic times.

Reluctantly, we closed our Bloomington office at 510 E Washington Street. We hope you will agree that the seven years we provided this service have been worthwhile.

Sandullah Epsicokhan

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