Windows XP Professional: Level 1

Course Specifications

Course number: WXP-L1-076570
Course length: 1 day
Certification: Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)
Software: Windows Professional

Course Description

This course provides a broad foundation for students so that they will have a greater awareness and confidence using personal computers. Students will gain practical information and skills, such as what a computer is, how to manage personal files and folders that they create, and how to use many of the programs that come with Windows XP.



Delivery Method: Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured, hands-on activities.


Windows XP: Level 1 is one of two courseware titles that address the module 1 (Computing Fundamentals) objectives of the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) program. Modules 2 (Key Applications) and 3 (Living Online) objectives are addressed in other courseware titles. Certification candidates must pass three exams--one associated with each module--in order to earn IC3 certification.

Performance-Based Objectives

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Personal Computers

Topic 1A: Uses of Personal Computers

Topic 1B: Types of Personal Computers

Topic 1C: Common Computer Components

Topic 1D: How Personal Computers Work

Topic 1E: Start the PC


Lesson 2: Using a Personal Computer

Topic 2A: Log On to a PC

Topic 2B: Explore the Desktop with the Mouse

Topic 2C: Manipulate Open Windows

Topic 2D: Use Help And Support

Topic 2E: Adjust the Mouse


Lesson 3: Managing Folders and Files

Topic 3A: Folder and File Organization

Topic 3B: Access the Windows Explorer

Topic 3C: Use the Search Companion

Topic 3D: Work with Folders

Topic 3E: Work with Files

Topic 3F: Create Shortcuts

Topic 3G: Use the Recycle Bin


Lesson 4: Using Programs at the Same Time

Topic 4A: Create a Document in WordPad

Topic 4B: Use the Address Book

Topic 4C: Format Text

Topic 4D: Use the Calculator

Topic 4E: Customize a Logo in Paint

Topic 4F: Turn Off the Computer


Appendix A: Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Topic


Appendix B: Buying a New PC

Assess Who, What, and Where Topic


Appendix C: Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) Program

Module 1 (Computing Fundamentals) Objectives Topic