Create brochures, flyers, and more using Word

Lab specifications

Part number: MSW-DP-058-301-SS

For software version: 97 or higher

Lab length: Half a day

Lab description

Overview: Students will use a variety of desktop publishing techniques to create some simple publications with Word. Here are the activities covered:

Delivery method: This model supports the Lab instructional method. Using this method, the instructor introduces a business scenario, demonstrates techniques for completing an activity, and then lets students complete the activity.

Target student: Students participating in this Lab should be educated Word users who are familiar with:

Prerequisite: The following course (or equivalent knowledge): Word 97: Level 1 or Word 2000: Level 1


Upon successful completion of this Lab, students will be able to:

Lab content

Lab Activity 1: Desktop publishing fundamentals; create a newsletter using Word

Lab Activity 2: Create an eye-catching coupon flyer

Lab Activity 3: Save money with a folded flyer

Lab Activity 4: Design a tri-fold brochure