Approach Millennium Edition 9.5: Advanced

Course specifications

Course number: AME-L2-076-405

Software version number: 9.5

Course length: 1 day

Course description

Overview: Students will learn how to manipulate multiple databases, create crosstabs and charts to summarize data, create macros, and customize the Approach environment.

Prerequisites: Approach Millennium Edition 9.5: Introduction or equivalent knowledge.

Delivery method: Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Benefits: Students will learn how to manipulate multiple databases by using some of the advanced features in Approach Millennium Edition 9.5.

Target student: Students enrolling in this course should understand introductory Approach Millennium Edition database concepts.

Performance-based objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

         Define databases and add data to them by using templates and by importing and exporting data.

         Explore the Approach Preferences settings, and identify and solve common data problems by applying the concepts of data normalization.

         Create forms based on multiple databases by using a repeating panel.

         Display data from multiple databases by creating repeating panel reports.

         Analyze and evaluate the information in databases by creating worksheets, crosstabs, and charts.

         Create form letters and generate mailing labels from databases.

         Use existing macros like templates to create new macros, and create decision-making macros by using the If function.

         Personalize the Approach environment by displaying a customized set of SmartIcons and creating a custom menu.

Course content

Lesson 1: Copying, Importing, and Exporting Data

         Using an Existing Approach File to Create a Database

         Importing Files

         Exporting Files


Lesson 2: Managing Multiple Databases

         Exploring Approach Preferences

         Data Normalization

         Analyzing Database Relationships

         Joining Databases


Lesson 3: Advanced Form Design

         Repeating Panel Forms

         Form Enhancements


Lesson 4: Advanced Report Design

         Repeating Panel Reports

         PowerClick Reporting


Lesson 5: Analyzing Data

         Creating Worksheets and Crosstabs

         Charting Data


Lesson 6: Form Letters and Mailing Labels

         Creating a Form Letter

         Creating Mailing Labels


Lesson 7: Creating and Using Macros

         Creating and Using a Macro

         Modifying Macros

         Creating a Looping Macro

         Attaching Macros


Lesson 8: Customization

         Customizing the SmartIcons

         Customizing Menus


Appendix A: An Overview of LotusScript